4. Power and Influence Tactics

In the movies and TV you may see negotiators pounding on tables and threatening to ruin the counterparty who resists his offers. In real life, this doesn’t really happen that often.

The main source of power in a negotiation is alternatives.  Alternate partners, alternate deal structures, alternate markets — anything that makes it easy for you to walk away.  The better your alternatives, the more options you have — and more options translates into negotiating power.  The catch is, you have to prepare your alternatives and options in advance.  Once you are at the negotiating table, you are stuck with your situation.  Some negotiators try bluffing and bluster, but usually all this does is undermine trust and ruin any chance for future compromise.

If you are in a strong position and have chosen a competitive style, you may have power.

Good for competitors and avoiders.

The rest of the time,  the most you can hope for is influence.

Collaborators and accommodators.

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Good Cop – Bad Cop is a classic tactic that employs elements of both Power and Influence. 

Bad Cop attempts to use raw power to force an immediate decision.

Good Cop steps in to build a relationship and exert influence.


Value Manipulation Tactics

Chap 5:  Influence with Fear or Hope

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