What’s your Negotiating Agenda

Set your negotiating agenda BEFORE you start talking to the counterparty:

Negotiating Style:

Do you plan on having a continuing relationship with this counterparty?

What will your INITIAL style be?

Competitive, Collaborative, Accommodative, or Avoiding

What will your FINAL style be?

Competitive, Collaborative, or Accommodative

(If you end up as an Avoider, then you probably don’t have a deal.)

What are your key variables?

Variable 1:

Variable 2:

Variable 3:

What benchmarks or objective measures will you propose for each variable?

Benchmark 1:

Benchmark 2:

Benchmark 3:

Timing issues:

How long will this negotiating session last?

How long with the entire negotiating process last?

How long will this transaction or deal last?

When will this deal get implemented?

How long will this relationship last?

Process issues:

Who will represent your side?

Who will represent their side?

What will be the outcome of this meeting?

Formal contract or sales agreement

General understanding or non-binding agreement

Another meeting involving the same parties

Another meeting involving other parties

Where will this negotiation take place?

Your territory

His territory

Neutral ground

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