Variables Matrix Yields 2 Attractive Offers – For You

Instead of presenting an opening offer that presents your counterparty with a choice between saying YES or NO, consider using the matrix approach we learned in the GOBLINS guide to planning a negotiation to offer him a choice of Option A or Option B.

Variable Matrix.044 copy


A is a great price (for you), but a less attractive level of quality and schedule.
Option B has a price level that is just average for you — but with a quality level and timetable that makes up for it.

The key to this approach is that options A and B are equal to you.  It looks like he has a choice, but you have designed the offer so that you win no matter what he chooses.  Even if he tries to cherry-pick from the two offers and takes the best from each, you are still well within your acceptable Intermediate level.

This is a great way to set an anchor that helps you take control of the negotiating agenda right from the beginning.



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