Your Negotiating Tactical Plan

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Your Tactical Plan is about how you move around within the range of possible outcomes.

In our GOBLINS system,  G-O-B (Goals, Objectives and Best alternatives) set our upper and lower limits.  That is a series of STRATEGIC decisions.

Now we are looking at how to optimize our performance for moving around within the limits set by our strategy.  This is the TACTICS section – where the L-I-N and S (Like to Achieve, Intermediate Benchmark,  Need it or No Way — and Style) come into focus.   The tactical decisions will be discussing in this course are:

How to gain and manage information.

Influencing the decisions and actions of counter-parties.

Maximizing your position.

Table of Contents:

  1. Negotiating Tactically  

  2. Know Yourself -Agenda and opening offer

  3. Know Your Counterpart — Find information

  4. Power and Influence

  5. Motivators – Fear and Fortune

  6. Controlled Descent  – Closing / Concession

  7. Conflict  – Avoiding, Mitigating & Managing

  8. Group Tactics – Team Work

  9. Time Tactics – Clockwork

  10. Tactics and Strategy


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