Walk Away

Description:  You get up and walk out.  The negotiation is over.  He may call you back, apologize for being unreasonable, and sweeten his proposal.  Or he may not.

Walking Away is how negotiations end without a deal — but they are also the short-sharp-shock that breaks deadlocks and gets stalled deals back on track.  If you have Called His Bluff, used Let Me Think, or even gone silent, then walk-away is the logical conclusion.  There’s a good way and a bad way to do it, however.

Good:  You consider his last offer carefully, fix a pained but still cheerful expression on your face, stand up, extend your hand and say, “Well, unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do business today.  It’s too bad, but there’s always next time.”  Then you shake hands and head out the door — slowly, but with determination.  You don’t stop or look back.  He will either call you back or he won’t — but the door is still open for future business.

Bad:  “Go to hell you thieving bastard.”  Knock everything to the floor, kick over the wastebasket and slam the door.   You are NOT doing business with this person — now or ever.  At least you shouldn’t be.

A good walk-away is strong and somewhat dramatic – but reversable.  Your exit should be professional – and slow – enough so that it is just as easy for him to call you back as it is for you to return.

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