STEEPLE Analysis

Description:  STEEPLE analysis isn’t really a tactic — its more of a framework for doing basic research about a counterparty.   If, however, you find that once you are engaged in negotiations that there are gaps or inconsistencies in your understanding, then you should go back to the STEEPLE to surface the truth.

STEEPLE is really a checklist of factors that you should research about your counterparty and his operation.  STEEPLE (or STEP, PEST, PESTLE) helps you conduct a 360 degree analysis based on a comprehensive range of variables:

  • Social
  • Technological
  • Economic
  • Educational
  • Political
  • Legal
  • Environmental

Intent:  Learn basic facts about your counterparty and his business.

Style:  Any.  If you cooperate with your counterparty to conduct the STEEPLE analysis, then it is collaborative.  If he becomes evasive, uncooperative, or hostile — then it either means that HE is not as collaborative as you  thought or that YOU are being more aggressive than he feels you should be.

Counter:  None is necessary, but if your STEEPLE analysis uncovers anything negative or inconsistent then you should take appropriate action.

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