Let’s Take a Break

Description:  Simply stand up and take a break during a negotiation. 

This is considered a good practice anyway, but can be very useful for controlling the “emotional temperature” of the meeting.   One of the simplest yet most underused of the tactics,  breaking is surprisingly powerful.  It not only relieves tension and gives you time to compose your thoughts, but it also allows you an opportunity to speak privately with your team or put in a call to your office.    

Intent:  Relieves pressure and allows you and your team to “reset” your planning.  Great for lowering stress.  Good counter to Value Manipulators and Emotional Triggers.

Style:  Any

Counter:  None required, under normal circumstances.  If you feel they are doing this too often to stall or to facilitate an unseen power to pull strings, then you can offer to reschedule at another time – or in a different location.

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