Press Release

Description:  As the negotiation seems to be nearing a successful conclusion, you begin talking about a joint press release to announce the start of your new partnership.

The Press Release Close is a great way to focus your countparty’s attention on future deals.  Not only is this a done-deal, but it’s an important enough accomplishment to warrant an official announcement.  In Asia this may take the form of an official banquet.  Europeans may organize a simple toast.  This is a psychological closer — once you are all thinking about the self-congratulatory publicity,  it becomes easy tie up loose ends and contentious details.

Intent:  This tactics is designed to get the other side thinking in terms of a completed deal — and to focus their planning on the benefits of future deals.  It institutionalizes your relationship.

Style:  Collaborative

Counter:  The only thing you really have to worry about is making sure that there are no back-burner issues left outstanding.   Make sure this isn’t a marry-me in disguise.

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