Now or Never

Description:  Now or Never.  Take it or Leave it.  This is the classic high-pressure power play.

One side decides – unilaterally – that the negotiation is over.  The other side has to take the last offer – or lose the opportunity.

Application:  “This has to be my final offer.  I can’t go any lower.   This is it — take it or leave it.”

Intent:  Now or Never works hand-in-hand with Emotional Triggers and Value Manipulators to force an immediate decision — and to prevent any further demands for concessions or new variables.

Style:  This is Competitive and Avoiding.  It’s competitive because one side is forcing a new process on the other (ending the negotiation at a certain time).  But it can also be considered avoidance because one of the parties is withdrawing from further negotiation.

Counters:  Breathe, Call His Bluff, Let Me Think,  Why — and ultimately, Walk Away.   This is a power move, and your first job is to control your own response.  Don’t blurt out a number — or even a counter.  Get him to explain why this is his final offer.

NOTE:  If you were considering developing a strategic relationship with this party, you should factor in this new behavior.  Ultimatums are rarely isolated behaviors.  You are dealing with someone who feels you can be intimidated — and that’s unlikely to change as your relationship evolves.


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