Nickels & Dimes

Description:  One side makes demands that are so small and seemingly insignificant, that the other party agrees just to avoid seeming petty or intransigent.  The problem is, the nickel & diming continues.

This usually takes place towards the end of a negotiation.  You continue to negotiate for small points after  the other side thinks  an agreement has already been reached.  It  is a way of grabbing value from a counter-party that wants to sign and doesn’t want to jeopardize the agreement for a minor point.   Useful with avoiders who are likely to walk away from bigger demands.  Also useful for accommodaters  who are in a weak position and want to save face.

Works very well ONCE, for relatively low-value points.  Can undermine the relationship if it gets repeated too many times.

Intent:  Grab value.

Style:  Competitive or Yielding.

Counter:  Refuse – and then stay silent.  Concede, on the condition that this is the one and only remaining “loose end”.  Concede – but use it as an excuse to bring up your OWN loose ends.

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