Marry Me!

Description:  One side wants a relationship more than any particular deal point or variable.  Unfortunately, they may not have much else to offer….

If you have a strong brand, a protected technology, or some other entrenched competitive advantage, you’ll find that there are plenty of potential parters who want to lock you into some form of strategic tie-up — even if the terms of the actual business aren’t particularly well-defined.  Don’t be fooled by the low-cost, low-maintentance terms of the deal.   The momement you hint that a partnership isn’t completely out of the question, your new devotee is going to leverage this relationship within their own network.   Very common with counterparties who are significantly smaller or new to the market.

Intent:  Leverage your firm’s strength and prestige.

Style:  Looks collaborative, but usually part of an accomodative strategy.  Competitive, in that they are getting something for nothing — from you.

Counter:  Set your agenda to turn intangibles like market presence and technical know-how as tradeable variables.

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