Description:  Build a solid foundation by reaching an agreement about one deal-point or issue — and then work on extending that to a wider range of variables.

Can take the form of a test order or an initial proposal that is much smaller and shorter than the one you really want.  Once they have agreed to a small deal, use that as a platform for a bigger, longer or more involved deal.

Intent:  Avoid conflict and make progress towards a comprehensive agreement gradually, building on the

Style:  Varies.  It can be very collaborative, but is also useful for competitive negotiators or yielders.  Very effective when negotiating with Avoiders.

Counter:  A counter may not be necessary, as this is not necessarily a bad way to proceed.  One option is for you to trade deal points and build your own foundation around variables you care about (see log-rolling).   If you don’t like where his foundation tactics are heading, make future agreements contingent on performance or objective benchmarks.   Call for a break  and insist on a comprehensive conclusion using deadlineor counter his foundation variable with back burner.  

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