Description:  “How much?  Oh my, that’s MUCH more expensive than I thought!  You understand I only want to buy 1 – are you sure you aren’t quoting me the price for a dozen?”

Flinch is when you pretend to be surprised or dumb-struck by their offer.    You are shocked – SHOCKED – at their outrageous nerve!  Try not to ham it up too much.

It doesn’t seem like it would be effective – but it works.   This is one of those tactics we are hard-wired to respond to.  If you do this right, your counterparty will either be thrown off-guard out of concern that they have miscalculated (if they want a relationship) or fear that they have scared you away (if they are more competitive).  

Intent – A non-verbal attack on his offer.  

Style – Any (except Collaborative).  Works well for accommodators and avoiders.  Competitors use this to respond to your counter-offer.  

Counter –  Silence.  Smile.  Amusement.  Pretend not to see.

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