End of the World

Description:  It’s the end of the world as we know it – unless you accept these terms.

This is basically a threat that if the counter-party doesn’t concede it will lead to irreparable damage.  “This is my final offer,” “we’ll never work with your firm again,” or “you’ll never do business in this town again!” are clumsy examples.  A brute-force attempt to pressure you into submission.

Application:  Take it or leave it.  This offer is good for one hour — after that we’re going to sign a deal with your biggest competitor, and your business will go down the drain.

Intent-   Force a response based on your fear of loss. Pressure you into a concession

Style:  Competitive – sometimes Avoiding

Counter   Ask why things have suddenly gotten so high pressure.  Indicate you are prepared to walk away.  If worst comes to worse, you can try calling his bluff, or telling him you need time to think it over.  

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