All too often your carefully constructed negotiating plans evaporate as emotions take over and your exchanges devolve into anger, distrust, and egocentric posturing.   Experts advice use to focus on business interests and not personal positions — but that is easier said than done.  It’s particularly difficult when your counterparty uses tactics designed to elicit an emotional response.  He may want you to lose control and react impulsively or lose your temper.  You may find some of these tactics useful, or you may want to be aware of the tricks others use to push your buttons.  The main counter to all of these tactics is to BREATHE, keep you cool, and decide how you want to react.

You’ll notice that the Emotional Triggers are often similar to Value Manipulators, and there are often strong similarities.  The difference is that while the Value Manipulators are designed to influence your analysis of how much a variable is really worth, the Emotional Triggers seek to spark an immediate response – usually based on fear of loss.

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End of the World


Good Cop / Bad Cop

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