Description:  One side attempts to put a time limit on the negotiation or the deal being discussed.

You (or your counterparty)  unilaterally impose a deadline on the negotiation process.  If you do this early as part of the agenda-setting process, it can be collaborative or compromising.  (My flight leaves at 7 PM, and it would be great to have a signed agreement.)  If you do it late, it becomes a “now or never” pressure play.

This is culturally-sensitive.  North Europeans, Americans and Japanese won’t find it unusual, but other Asians, Latin Americans, and Southern Europeans may not like it.

Intent:  Reach a rapid decision – and to take control of the process. 

Style:  Varies, depending on how cooperative the discussion is approached.  Often comes off as quite Competitive.

Counter:  Make the timetable a negotiating variable, reject deadline, or make plans to reconvene when he has more time (i.e.:  call his bluff). 

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