Negotiation is a conversation of give and take.  In this dialogue, tactics are only half the story.  Counter-tactics are the response.  Remember our definition of TACTIC — a method that has been effective before which you expect to work again.  But for every statement there is an answer — and for each tactic there is a counter-tactic.

To master the art of negotiation, you have to get three aspects of tactics right.  First, you must know how to match the appropriate tactic to your goals and the environment.  But just as important as using tactics well, you have to understand what your counterparty is doing by discerning what tactics they are using and why.  Finally, you need to be fluent in the language of counter-tactics.

Counter-tactics have 3 main functions in this type of negotiating:

1.  Refute, reject, or redirect one party’s proposal.

2.   Set new values on variables.

3. Control the pace of bargaining.

The main counter-tactics:


Call his Bluff

Control the Flow

Let me Think About It




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