Description:   Deliver the opening offer first, and set the range of all subsequent negotiations.  Make him come to you.

AnchorMaking the first proposal or price offer.  Anchoring is useful for establishing a price or value range – and for determining the negotiating agenda.  You must be confident in your opening offer, however, since you can’t raise it later.

Intent:  Seize the initiative, influence value.  You are seizing the agenda and setting the tone for the rest of the negotiation.  The opening

Style:  Competitive or Collaborative.  

Counter:  If someone anchors you, there are two options.  If you feel that the offer is serious, then your best option is to stick to your guns and deliver the L you have already prepared.  If, however, the offer is cut-throat, crazy, or clueless, then you have to find a way to reset the entire process — or walk away and keep going.   Don’t automatically accept his anchor position and start calling out numbers.  Once you respond, you are committed to the negotiating process.

Download the slideshow  ANCHOR COUNTERTACTICS

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