After You / Wait at the Altar

Description:  You wait for him to make the first offer.  This is the opposite of Anchoring.

You make him / let him make the first offer.  The disadvantage is that he now has the opportunity to anchor the discussion around his high value opening position.  The advantage is that you now have his opening position on which to base your negotiation.  You are getting information, but not without cost.  Once the other side anchors, you are playing defense.

Some old-school negotiators consider this to be a “best practice”, but the reality is that it is most appropriate when you don’t know the market or industry well.  Even if you opt to “wait at the altar”, you still have to do research and due diligence in order to make judgements about his offer.

Intent:  Gain information.

Style:  Varied.  It seems Competitive, but often ends up being Accommodative.

Counter:  Anchor by going first – or recess and find another  counter-party.  

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